Who are we?

The Foreign Affairs Student Society was founded at the Warsaw School of Economics on 28 May 2000. We unite students of economics, law, finance, global business, international relations and MIESI focused on development and a better understanding of the world.

With over 150 active members and alumni as well as over thousand people participating in our initiatives each year, we create a space for the exchange of ideas, networking and self development. Many of our members and supporters have already gained experience in an international environment, including European Union structures, corporations, consultancies, foundations, diplomatic missions and think tanks.

As one of the most active Student Scientific Societies at the Warsaw School of Economics, pursuing our projects, we cooperate with over 100 entities, including: 70+ diplomatic missions on all continents, 3+ government agencies, 20+ NGOs, 15+ top universities from Poland and Europe, and 5+ large companies.

Our flagship projects include:

Action Diplomacy

Academic Polish Model United Nations

Weimar Economic Forum

International Picnic

World Mondays

Project Korea

Human Rights Week

SZ Magazine

Quick News SZ

International Review

Foreign Affairs Student Society

Warsaw School of Economics